Well, it’s official, I’m now a newly engaged man!

Whew, all that worrying and planning and stress about how to proposed is finally over! It’s a big weight lifted off of your shoulders after it happens, especially when she says yes!

So, for all you about-to-be fiances (assuming your SO says “yes”) who want a perfect proposal, here are some tips:

#1) Don’t expect a perfect proposal

You are at the cusp of proving your companionship and on the verge of sealing the deal with your significant other. You have planned every little detail of what you want to do and what you might think your SO may react. Well, here’s some advice- don’t expect it to go the way you wanted to. I might be so bold as to say don’t even expect your plan to be executed perfectly! I know we all saw some awesome proposals, like the Portal proposal for you gamers out there (oh, how I wish my SO loved games as much as I do) or the photobooth proposal moments. But, let’s be honest, sometimes, we don’t have that kind of pull or the right charisma to pull it off. So, what do you do?

#2) Don’t make the proposal about others

The only one that should love the proposal is the one you are proposing to. Not your family, not your friends, not to impress anyone else. The one you need to impress is THE ONE. Look at your plans and ask yourself, “Is this really who WE are?”. Sometimes, we get carried away in the grandeur of it all that you don’t step back and say, “Wow, that really doesn’t relate to our relationship at all”. The whole point is that the proposal is about you two. Take time to reflect on the meaning of that and rearrange your plans, if need be.

#3) Try not to wait

There are some cases where this is impossible, but you should propose as soon as you possibly can. Granted, the guidelines I follow are a little demanding, but, after you meet your requirements for engagement, then, by all means, GO! Don’t make her (or him, for all you gutsy females!) wait! Even if you know for an absolute fact that they aren’t going anywhere, make them yours as soon as you can!

#3.5) Guidelines and general rules

Okay, this is more of a personal taste and it follows my upbringing, but it doesn’t hurt to follow these if you are thinking about proposing.

1) Be financially Stable

2) Make sure this is what you both want

3) Let your SO’s parents know! (Pa alam, my filipino brethren!)

These are all equally important and should be done BEFORE your proposal!


I know I have had the nerves of a frightened child when time came to ask her, but I pushed through. It’s something that you should do, and it’s something your SO wants. Take into account everything here and know that you are on the way to a marriage date!

I hope all these tips help and that your Significant Other says a resounding “yes”!

Until next time everyone; I’ll be planning my wedding!


The Online School Experience (So Far)

While it may be a little too early to say I’m an expert when it comes to online schooling, I can definitely say that it has been a great experience so far.

Why go to school online instead of physically going to school on campus? Here are some reasons that show you the benefits:

1. You don’t ever have to leave the comfort of your home.

Ever look outside and just tell yourself, “Wow, I don’t want to go to school because of the (insert bad weather here)?” With online classes, you don’t have to. No more heating up the car on a frigid morning or hoping that your feet wont smell after inadvertently stepping in a deep puddle you didn’t know was there. You can go to class and enjoy the comforts of home; wrap up in winter, multitask and play with your dog, or listen and watch the Superbowl while typing up that important paper. Nothing beats the option of never having to go outside when you don’t want to!

2. Best type of schooling for introverts.

This is more of a personal opinion but still holds some water. Ever hate the fact that there are other people in the room that you just don’t like or want to talk to? Can’t stand having to sit in cramped classrooms? Well, you may want to look into your options for an online school. The most social interaction you’ll probably have is speaking with the admissions counselor over the phone to discuss your next big step! This is not a knock on introverts at all. I consider myself to be one of them and having the room all to yourself is so much better than sharing a room. And you can read a book whenever you want to and not get yelled at for reading in school.

3. Go at your own pace.

Granted, there are still due dates for assignments, but you can go as quick as you’d like or as slow as you can go (without obviously failing). Take note that there are different policies and procedures of how each school approaches their assignment due dates and their lectures but overall, you should be looking at an unimpeded structure of learning that you can follow the way you want to. Take down all of your classwork in one day? Go ahead! Break it up so you can manage the work? Be my guest. Online schooling helps you focus on what you want to accomplish.

4. Convenience for the working class hero.

Remember when you were in college and you had to balance a job and go to a classroom right after your shift? Imagine that a reality existed where your classroom could fit into a laptop sized sleeve. Now wake up and shake that Monday morning haze off because it’s actually real! No more are the pains of having a long day of work follow a long day of class, or vice-versa. With classes online, you can do all of your work AT work! (DISCLAIMER: Don’t actually do that. You may/will be fired)


So, if you like the idea of being an independant working person while taking time out to study and earn a degree to better yourself, give online classes a go! It can only help you moving forward. If there are any other items or issue that haven’t been mentioned, feel free to leave a comment or message me!

Several Tips for the Struggling FPS Multiplayer Gamer

So, you’ve destroyed all the bots and AI’s in the campaign, on the hardest mode, and completed everything you wanted to in Single Player. Now, you want to tackle the amazing, highly competitive world of multiplayer!

“Great! It’ll be just like slaying bots!” you may say.

No. Absolutely, positively, bullet-in-your-virtual-face no.

Multiplayer is competitive for a reason: you must prove your worth and skill by eliminating or outplaying your fellow gamers. Otherwise, you will be a dull statistic in someone’s record of triumph.

Now, there are various games that employ multiplayer, but none moreso than shooters. Namely, first person shooters. These games have been as competitive as professional sports, with MLG leading the way by holding many tournments for the most skilled teams and players. It takes a lot of skill and some inherent talent to be able to stay up to speed with many of these guys and gals.

Now, I don’t claim to be a professional gamer, but I have used many tips and tricks to propel me from the shame of last place noobie to the glorious podium of the top of the list. (It really is beautiful seeing so many slain names underneath yours.)

Now, to get there, I’ve brought together some surefire tips to help elevate your game.

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary. Not everything in this list will ensure your victory, only help to aid in it. Games and their pacing determine the different ways you should approach with your tactics. Keep this in mind and you’ll find the best playstyle for you and when to use it.

1.Never stay in one place for too long.

If you like having your lifespan above the 1 minute mark, then move around every so often. Even without Call of Duty’s kill cam, or Battlefield’s focus cam, enemies know, or at least estimate, the location of where they were killed and from where. From there, it’s only backwards logic to think that by staying in the same place, you’ll be able to score another kill. If this is you, you’ve probably encountered many issues where the foe you killed suddenly turned the corner and added 1 to their K:D ratio by slaying you before you had the chance to return fire. Moving can help you stay ahead of the players. If you move to a spot close by to where you originally were, you may just score another kill on the same person. It’s how many players stay undetected and deadly.

2. Alwayswatch your back.

20140731-141101-51061819.jpgFrom GamingNomad Game Reviews
It always feels like/ somebody’s watching me. 🎶

As much as you’d like to think of your teammates as a team, it simply doesn’t work that way. Free-for-all rules apply in team games too; never trust anyone, and keep looking over your shoulder. Many gamers take this for granted, leaving their flanks ripe for the attack (no pun intended). You must be slightly paranoid at all times, taking a glance behind you before moving on to the next point, or making sure there’s no one entering the room the second you decide to leave it. You can delegate many things to help you prevent a rear assault. Set up your trip mines or claymores, especially if you’re planning to have an extended stay at a position. Have a man from your team cover the flanks, if you have someone willing to do so. Or, at the very least, stop every few minutes to verify that no one is hunting you from behind. Proper coverage will help you maintain an extended lifespan.

3.Use your mini-map.

I see this point taken very lightly so many times.

The mini-map is there for a reason. There are usually colored dots, with red being the primary color used for enemies, that show your locations on the entire playing field. Maneuver yourself around the map so that you are as far away from the action as possible. Then, after you have prepared yourself, take to the battlefield by picking out the most vulnerable enemy, usually a single red dot away from the clusters of opposition.
Note: this does not mean that they are alone.
Mini maps, unless allowed by a specific game type or perk, usually only show the positions of enemies that have recently fired a weapon. There could be another, lurking near, using him as bait, so always be aware of your surroundings as you travel towards your prey.

4. Pie your corners

I was watching a show on the military channel called Spec Ops. There was a man sitting behind a wall, waiting for the operative to walk right past. Instead, he pied the corner.

*image from tgace.com

Basically, as shown in the image above, you use the corner as your center, and cut slices of pie as you move around the corner. You don’t know if the enemy is directly behind the wall, or is somewhere in the room with the corner blocking your view. So, when you pie your corners, you set yourself up for success by establishing a working method to take your enemies down by taking one slice of pie, or going through a limited range of vision, one at a time. This can greatly help against campers, who usually only see the view straight ahead of them.

5. Don’t Rush

Unless you’re out of time and you completely have to.
Rushing is an art form that takes loads of deaths to perfect, so if you do attempt it, don’t expect a 20 kill streak your first go. If you’re a more conservative player, go slow. This doesn’t mean walk your character at a snail’s pace. It simply means don’t use the sprint option and just fast walk. Taking a little speed out of the equation, you’re able to increase ADS time (Aiming Down the Sights). The faster you aim, the better chances you have at landing hits quicker than your opponent.

So, hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two that’ll help you on the battlefield. Running and gunning without a plan is even crazier than running and gunning, so do yourself a favor; the next time you come across a wall, go slow, pie the corner, check your mini map, and blast that guy into smithereens. If not, check your back, and move on.
You can use these tips and tricks however you’d like and whenever you’d like. Develop your own play style and tweak it so it fits you. Do you absolutely have to follow everything to be successful? No, you don’t. But I can definitely say that adding a few of these maneuvers will help at least keep you alive longer than before.

Want more tips? Have a topic you’d like me write about? Leave a reply and tell me what’s on your mind!

Let’s talk about Destiny

No, I am not referring to the philosophical idea.

Destiny is the newest game to come from Bungie, the fan-pleasing, mega developer that created the highly successful Halo franchise. After 343 Industries and Microsoft acquired Halo, Bungie set their sights on a loftier goal, focusing all their time on a new game that they wanted to distinguish themselves with.

Enter Destiny.


This soon-to-be-epic game is set to release in September, but many gamers who have pre-ordered the game received codes to test the beta, which had just recently ended yesterday. Those who have experienced the beta have much to awe about, as well as some aspects they should consider asking Bungie to look into (in which they are all ears).

From the onset, Destiny already sets itself to become the epic tale that Bungie had envisioned it to be. The Traveler, a giant sphere of mystery, was first found on Mars by Earthlings. The Traveler then brought about the Golden Age of mankind, allowing advances in technology to aid in human colonization on planets within the solar system. The Traveler is held in such high regard that much of humanity consider it to be a sentient being, even a deity.
But with good, there must be evil. The Darkness, the Traveler’s enemy that has chased it all through out space, encroached and destroyed the Golden Age of man, nearly causing the extinction of all humans. It was only through the Traveler that a handful were able to survive. Now, the burden of the survival of life rests upon the Guardians, beings that were chosen by the Traveler to do battle with the Darkness in it’s stead.

You are one of the Guardians.

You’re character in Destiny is not only made for one game. Your character’s story will cross multiple sequels, as mentioned by Bungie.

You currently have three choices of race:

Human, which is, well…a human.


Awoken, a being eminating with a magical aura. Also, see definition of an elf.


Exo. Not entirely sure what to peg it as, but it screams andriod/robot/robot.

20140728-160703-58023074.jpg“I’ll fight, just send me the codes.”

After you choose your racce and what he or she will look like, your next choice is class. Currently, there are three classes, and each look to be promising their own type of gameplay:

1. Titan: Master Chief comes to mind when choosing this class. Their focus is all out attack. Their movement is restricted due to the armor they wear, but it is because of that reason they can take a punch. Titans can also return the favor, being masters of heavy weapons and attacks. If you want a good tank, a Titan is your best friend.
2. Hunter: strike swift and strike fast. But better to strike from afar. Hunters have less durability compared to Titans, but if you keep moving and stay stealthy, you won’t need to take as many hits before throwing a knife in your enemy’s back.
3 Warlock: Classic Mage character in the ways of RPG. Warlocks have higher health and quicker regeneration. Just remember, they can’t take too many hits. The upside is that they are able to utilize their powers from “the Void” to do their damage.

I have had the experience of playing as a Hunter during the beta. Hunters are true to their name; swift, proficient at a distance and up close, and stealthy. The skills you get as a Hunter are invaluable. As the game progressed, I was able to double-jump, throw throwing knives at my enemies, and move at a pace much quicker than the other classes. Now, this is a good class to have for an open world game, as Destiny truly is. However, once you head into the buildings, things start getting a little tougher. While short range melee attacks and weapons prove to help the Hunter with the close distance fighting, it is noticeably difficult when up against a swarm of enemies. Devil’s Lair, for instance. There is a moment where you have to defend your companion, Ghost, from the forces attacking and you’re in a confined area with not too much wiggle room. Hunters caught in the wrong side of the map will be exterminated quickly. It isn’t too much of a difficult fight, but as a Hunter, you need to be quick and crafty. Throw knives at weakened enemies, run behind cover and pop shots, and make sure you aren’t overwhelmed at any point without being able to run away. Destiny clearly emphasizes a little “fight together or die alone” mentality, and Bungie was possibly going in that direction. You can be great player, but you can dominate with friends.

The gameplay is similar to Halo’s FPS, something Bungie probably kept or used during the early stages of development. The gun bobbing as you move, quick ADS, and even the display has some reminiscence of the past. But Bungie makes sure to improve on what has been working for them so far. Your Ghost, the companion that the Traveler has granted you to help guide you throughout your journeys, is your 343 Guilty Spark of Destiny. In other words, and also if you haven’t played through the Halo franchise, your Ghost helps you find and traverse and hack your way throughout your sojourn. Unlike Guilty Spark, you may call upon your Ghost by pressing the PS4 controller’s touch pad. It opens up a small window on the left of your screen, indicating important places with markers, and also giving you the option of going back into orbit so you may find another destination to explore and wreak havoc. Bungie has successfully integrated Cortana and Guilty Spark into Ghost (devoid of constant incessant monologue, replaced with mission directives and guidance) for your travels throughout the galaxy.

When you go through all the wonders of Destiny, you can marvel at the environs and the detail that each place displays. A rounded gorge that looks like the tail end of a sewer drain. A metal building, with shades if rust forming on it’s surface. The entirety of “Old Russia” is strewn with relics of a way of living no longer existing during the war on Darkness.
Now, as the battlegrounds of Earth look desolate and dilapidated, the opposite can be said for the guardian’s safe haven, the Tower.
The Tower provides a sanctuary for the battling Guardians, protected by the Traveler itself. With the high end technology and kiosks of merchants and traders on it’s surface, it is immediately shown that there is still life on Earth. Robed ambassadors aid you in your quest for galactic peace by giving you the tools for your trade, and occasionally sending you off to another perilous mission after doing so. They are found in the heart of the Tower, with lights warmly illuminating the way along the digitalized walls. Brilliant design work from the team make it feel like a subterranean mission base, which, apart from the fact of it not actually being underground, is exactly what it is. Planning and plotting against the universe’s major foe is undertaken within the Tower’s walls.

20140801-151550-54950393.jpg“We need coffee in here. Send the Guardians to Columbia.”
Image from vg247

That sums up the entire beta experience; dip your toes in epic galactic warfare on Earth, and see if you want to be a part of this massive collection of warriors.

So, in the beginning views and playthrough of the game’s beta, Destiny primes itself for its release. Expanding and evolving from Halo, Bungie truly sends Destiny on a completely different level. The company’s epic adventure has yet to begin, and we’re all anticipating the best! *